2 people and their dog on adventures

12 Aug 2019

Norway is our next destination!  Jason and Leelu are already there having driven in our trusty VW transporter T4 which has now clocked over 300,000 miles but is still good for a couple more (we hope!).  Leelu of course is riding shotgun and it's a much more leisurely...

2 Jul 2019

We delivered Ama the campertruck to her very excited new owners, Martin & Gina, last week. Jason & Martin spent about 3 hours going over EVERYTHING! And then we all went for a celebratory egg 'n' chips at a local café. Superb.

So what's the plan now?

Not needing a...

19 Jun 2019

We had a great winter based near Morzine in the French Alps working on  getting our International Leaders award, snow-shoeing up mountians, ski-ing down other mountains and generally enjoying snow and life in our truck.

In order to be able to afford to stay there...

25 Apr 2019

EDIT: 'Ama' is now sold and has been delivered to her excited new owners, Martin and Gina - ready for new adventures

Here we are then, the end of this phase of our adventures.  Ama, our lovely CamperTruck, has served us well, given us a great tiny home on wheels to mo...

7 Apr 2019

On Monday, the Skiidy Gonzales uniforms were handed in, the vans were washed and returned, the truck was packed, water filled, toilets emptied, a lovely last evening out with friends where we got to go to the wonderful Bec Jaune micro brewery bar in Morzine at last....

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